Dear God.

                                                                           반했조 김주은

  Thank you very much for bringing me to this wonderful camp. Thank you also for being a great God. I had a great time at this camp. I know that it was hard to translate to Nicole but thank you for helping me and always incourging me. I had meet great friends and teachers.

  I belive that you will always be with me and will always look after me. Please help us in the plane to our home to get there sufe. And please help me to get to know you more and to always grow as your child. Thank you also for letting Nicole come with me to this camp, withe me. I am also sorry that I sometime did something you did not like. Please forgive me.

  In Jesus name. Amen.


2005년 Children Paradise Camp는 1월 24일~28일동안 이루어졌습니다.